The individually varnished artwork CD's and vinyls are normally singles.
You can have them individually or as subscribtion.

The program is so small that an individual basis can be agreed on (make contact).

There are also a few compilations on a similar basis and some virtual albums are planned as well.

A limited edition has been the 'Ouzel collection' which features ten or eleven of the singles including an unpublished draft original of 'Revolution'. It has been delivered to Italy to Ouzel, very kind musicians who trade with CD's in exchange.
Some samples are left over anyway.

Regular CD's are not planned at the moment. First of all we do not have the means to finance them. Second they are expensive to you and anybody would profit but us. And the most important thing is to finance new recordings.

So until somebody comes along and says 'hey here is my money, record something I'll sell it for you', we will struggle to improve the sound quality...:)


it is albums.cds.html