on the upper left area there is a nvigation system
  takes you to the index/welcome/overview page
  are the buttons for the 6 main topics: singles, styles, albums, projects, art, and whois
  are the buttons of the subtopics of those 6 above. For example singles has the subtopics 'single of the month' and 'top 10'
(sometimes there are some additional textlinks to jump to a related subtopic elsewhere)
At singles, projects, and (virtual) albums there are links to open the individual pages of the singles, the projects, and virtual albums. Those have an indivdual design, normally made at the time they were put online. So apart from a few adjustments there is no comprehensive design for them but -like record sleeves- a reflection of the design at that moment.
is opening this help window to give you additional information on a topic
is indicating a tip, f.e. on which mouse button to take to download