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Support the artists directly. Decide yourself how much you want or can pay. Up to 97% will reach the artists! You will directly enable new productions through this!
Thank you.
There are the following pay modules:
Ipayment: credit card payments (VISA and MasterCard only), recommended for payments in EURO, but of course accepts all other currencies through your credit card.
Pay Pal: recommended for payments in $, but they keep a slightly higher percentage as fee (deducted from what we receive), especially when cross-bordering. Works with all payment methods and currencies Pay Pal accepts!
Subscription (Pay Pal only): for example pay 1$ a month for continuing downloads The process is administrated by Pay Pal in highly professional and clientfriendly manor, you can cancel subscription at Paypal at any time! Works with all payment methods Pay Pal accepts!
You will find a 'shopping cart like' module where the basic 'price' is 1 EURO (or 1$). You determine what you pay by the 'number of items'.
For example: you want to pay 5 EUROS (or 5 $) - you 'order' 5 items, so that it will make 5 $ in total.
Don't be confused:  For organisatorial and technical reasons all payments will go to which is the collecting source for and a few other non commercial enterprises.
With Ipayment there will be an interface asking you data like email address. To keep you updated with informations, extra access to special recordings etc. it is important that at least your email address is valid and that you inform when it changes. It is up to you whether you enter real or fantasy information, the credit card data will not be visible to, it remains with the professional payment services (Ipayment, PayPal).
> pay by credit card  (VISA, Master Card)
> pay by PayPal (several credit cards and other methods)
> subscribe through PayPal (several credit cards and other methods) fixed 1 EURO per month (1 EURO is a little more than 1 $)