what are virtual albums?

Virtual albums are thematic projects to which a song becomes associated or by which a song is triggered.
The album title makes a recording become recepted in a particualer view while the recording casts a new view on the title.
Unlike hardware albums, these virtual albums leave more space: one song can become associated to more than one album and so create connections. The albums can 'grow', songs can be complemented to them.

At this point for onlovestar.com virtual albums too much material is only existing offline and so far the 'singles' have been the focus. But this will change and the virtual album feature will appear here soon.
Examples for virtual albums you can find at the schuechtern.de subproject. With a little disatvantage: they are in German language. 

To some extent some subprojects, 'westernsongs.com', or 'chinese food music' can be regarded as virtual albums, too.