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NEW: draft recordings and sketches:

Instead of endless rehearsals of that one song, we are always working on something new, always traveling on to discover.
So there are virtually thousands of draft ideas, recorded, lofi sketches with interrupted music and incomplete words.

A few of those drafts (the more hearable) will become exposed here.
They are thought for the few people who have a special connection to this site (there are some), so that they don't have to wait so long for a release, and, maybe something will come out of it.

The links below are to plain mp3 files. Click with the right mouse button to select 'save as' to store them on your disk.

actually worked with:

maybe could fit into the kommpop project (rather German language based) in which there are some semiironical pieces about music itself. (see > projects > schuechtern.de)
cum.shot (positive #?)
no comment
no comment

actually not worked with:

king of the jungle
originally thought as a amall punk song for the oneminutemusic project, we like this alternative implemention

found in the archives:

pay the flowers
this one has a special story: a computer program had been fed with words and had generated a song and word structure. it was an experiment to show that a simple computer can generate the unexpected, but rather when it serves to feed the creative mind.
there is a second recording which is not 'inspired' by the computer receipe but made like after a prescription. it is much less interesting but if we find it we will put it here as well.
it is singles.drafts.html